The Obama Marijuana Lie

The Obama administration seems to have failed in one campaign promise from both campaigns for sure. This one has gotten so far from his promise that it has proven to be a blatant lie.

"I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue,"
-Obama on Medical marijuana 2008

In both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns Mr. Obama claimed his administration would not waste the time or tax payer money to interfere with states allowed for the use of marijuana by its people. This is right opposite of what his administration has done. The DEA and other agencies had, according to the Rolling Stone, raided over 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in just his first 3 years in office. 

Now comes the news that the DEA just raided at least 4 more marijuana stores in Seattle, Washington. Washington has state laws that allows for medical and recreational use of the drug. Yet this did not stop the Obama administration from using federal law to trump states rights.

The question is when will the likes of Rand Paul, a states right guy, and others like him stand up to this attack on states rights? At the end of the day if you support states rights at all you should stand and be counted on this issue. Instead, the Libertarians remain silent. Not only does this show Obama to be a liar on this issue, it also shows the Libertarians and states rights conservatives for the frauds they are. 

No matter where you stand on this President it is clear Obama lied on this one from the start.

The FPV take:
If we can not break the shackles of the past that lead to marijuana being called a narcotic in the first place, fear. How can we move forward as a nation. The drug was banned out of fear by white men that black men would get stoned and rape white women. This is as absurd now  as it was then.

There is no scientific proof that shows this to be the case, yet alcohol does have proof to make many men very aggressive  and abusive. But we allow folks to buy beer etcetera.

We as a nation should end the federal prohibition on marijuana and let folks make their own choice to use it or not. This does not mean let it be sold to kids or near schools or what have you. Since the US Congress is well paid by Big Pharma this must start in the states. But until then we should hold Obama accountable for this lie. Write or email him and congress about this.

The Myth of Obama

President Obama is once again set to focus on the sagging U.S. economy. This is one of many times since he took office in 2009 Obama has made a so called shift to the economy and nothing has really been done to better the situation. So how can we even believe it will be any different this time?

The fact is we can not trust that the folks currently in Washington DC will truly shift to fixing the problems that plague our economy. While this is not only the fault of President Obama and there is plenty of blame on all sides, but in the end in the President is where the buck stops. So much blame is laid at his feet.

The issue here is Obama's economic ideas are not all that different from past Presidents even Republican, yet folks in congress act as if he is proposing some radical left wing economic plan.  Why is this? You may ask. That is not an easy answer, but one problem could be Obama's inability to clearly get his message to the masses. Either you have folks and Fox News who do not let you see entire speeches and they cut them to seem completely different from what he really said. Then over at MSNBC you have them trying to talk up everyone of his ideas as if they are gold, so you never really get a clear and true gauge of his ideas for creating jobs.

The media is not the only reason for this either. Mr. Obama has tried to reach across the aisle to conservatives but has failed for 2 reasons. 1) No matter what he does one side feels they are being shafted because we now have this us versus them complex instead of working together to solve our problems. So if he blows off the left he loses the base for his own party. If he goes left on policy the right calls him a socialist, he can not win for losing 2) It appears as well that Mr. Obama does not really have a spine to get congress to act, like he is scared he might hurt some folks feelings. 

This said it is true that the president can not write laws and congress must send bills to him to be signed or vetoed, but maybe he could do more to get the moderates in each party to the table to move jobs bills through both chambers of  the capital.


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Jake's Take: Exploitation of the Disabled Worker

Say you apply for a job here in America. You go through interview and you even get the job, what would you expect to be paid an hour if you're an hourly wage earner? Would you expect at least minimum wage? If your pay was below that would you complain that the wage was too low? What if you went to complain about your low pay only to learn a little known law allows some employers to pay as little as 22 cents an hour?

This is an issue facing many disabled workers around our great nation. It has recently been reported that Goodwill is allowed by federal law to pay disabled workers in some cases only 22 cents an hour. Goodwill is just one of many US charities and employers that are allowed to to this.

The Special Minimum Wage Certificate allows some charities and employers to base pay on how a person's disability affects their job performance. This was exposed as being abused by Goodwill and no doubt other employers as well. All they have to do is claim the persons disability affects their work, if the employer is part of this program. So this law could easily allow two people doing the same job having starkly different pay. Even if the able bodied person is less productive or simply incompetent.

Folks at Goodwill make as if disabled people should just be happy they are employed at all and The Special Minimum Wage Certificate is the only reason these folks get to work. This is no less than exploitation of the disabled community as well as another form of institutional discrimination. 

We as a people should be putting an end to all forms of discrimination whether it be due to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or even disability. 

As a disabled American this is a slap in the face. We in the disabled community are told to not use our disabilities as an excuse and even told we are just lazy for not working. If you know you will be making 22 cents to a dollar an hour when everyone else is making $7.25, what incentive is there to work? This law forces disabled folks into poverty and increases their reliance on social services like food stamps and medicaid. We need laws that include disabled folks in the workforce at equal pay. As well as laws that better create a path to self-reliance.


A Return To Jim Crow?

Last week was a historic week at The Supreme Court of the United States. The justices handed down major rulings on gay rights and on The voting rights Act of 1965. signaling the start of the end of one form institutional racism and the possible re-birth of another.  Since Voting Rights Act got swept under the rug, lets take a look at it and possible issues caused by the High Court's ruling.

The Voting Rights Act was first In acted in 1965 during African American fight for equal rights. This law was put in place to stop things like charging poll taxes and other voter intimidation of Black Americans. The law pertained to states that had a past history of voter discrimination. 

The Voting rights Act required preclearance from the Department of Justice before changing voting rules or redrawing congressional districts. The states that were required preclearance were determined by a formula set forth in Section 4 of the law, the section that was struck down. Most of these states were states in the south, but not only southern states were affected. 9 states along with 12 cities and 57 counties across the nation were subjected to this extra scrutiny as well. 

The Supreme Court did not on its face kill this key piece of civil rights law. Instead they threw it back to the U.S. Congress to create a new formula. Many see this as simply as the death of this part of the law. This feeling is due to the fact of the makeup and lack of work being done by The U.S. House.

Also, Chief Justice John Roberts claimed that since black voters were gaining in numbers this formula was no longer applicable. So now it is up to congress to replace it.

“Our country has changed, and while any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions,” Roberts said from the bench.

This idea that this formula is no longer needed is simply wrong. The fact is the only reason black voters in southern states have increased is due to these laws being on the books. 

"The Voting Rights Act is invoked often. It was used to block more than 1,000 proposed changes to voting laws between 1982 and 2006, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, a public policy institute at New York University." -NBC NEWS

This would be exactly like looking at your running car and saying well it works so I'll remove the alternator or some other vital part.

By removing this and a guaranteed no action by congress, this very well could create a return of Jim Crow laws if the past. This is indeed a sad ruling for this nation.

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