Fresh Chat: Violence Against Police Unacceptable!

Violence Against Police is Unacceptable!

Let's have a chat folks:

To start all lives matter black, brown, white they all matter. I know some of the police in this nation have done wrong, mistakes have been made, but this is no need for violence against police officers. 

Most police officers do very good work and do the best job they can to keep us safe. Sure if an officer does wrong they should be held accountable, but that is for the legal system to work out, not some vigilante. The job of a cop is not easy and is very dangerous and add to it these nuts trying to shoot cops makes the job that much harder. 

For those thinking killing cops will push forward the Black Lives Matter movement or help change things in a positive way you are what I like to call WRONG. Every time a person of color kills a cop it sets the movement back and turns the public against the movement as well, even if the killer is not part of BLM it sheds a negative light on the organization and others fighting for change. 

You cannot and will not see the change you seek through violence. If I remember Martin Luther King preached peace and civil disobedience as the way to seek change and it worked to make many changes to civil rights in America. 

So if you want things to change in a positive way then remain peaceful, march in protest, partake in sit-ins(these can get you arrested so know that is likely), but violence against cops is not the way. Riots and shooting cops will only make the race issues we face as a nation harder to work out and will prevent any attempt at change. 

Remember if you seek solutions, it starts with you!

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