The Myth of Obama

President Obama is once again set to focus on the sagging U.S. economy. This is one of many times since he took office in 2009 Obama has made a so called shift to the economy and nothing has really been done to better the situation. So how can we even believe it will be any different this time?

The fact is we can not trust that the folks currently in Washington DC will truly shift to fixing the problems that plague our economy. While this is not only the fault of President Obama and there is plenty of blame on all sides, but in the end in the President is where the buck stops. So much blame is laid at his feet.

The issue here is Obama's economic ideas are not all that different from past Presidents even Republican, yet folks in congress act as if he is proposing some radical left wing economic plan.  Why is this? You may ask. That is not an easy answer, but one problem could be Obama's inability to clearly get his message to the masses. Either you have folks and Fox News who do not let you see entire speeches and they cut them to seem completely different from what he really said. Then over at MSNBC you have them trying to talk up everyone of his ideas as if they are gold, so you never really get a clear and true gauge of his ideas for creating jobs.

The media is not the only reason for this either. Mr. Obama has tried to reach across the aisle to conservatives but has failed for 2 reasons. 1) No matter what he does one side feels they are being shafted because we now have this us versus them complex instead of working together to solve our problems. So if he blows off the left he loses the base for his own party. If he goes left on policy the right calls him a socialist, he can not win for losing 2) It appears as well that Mr. Obama does not really have a spine to get congress to act, like he is scared he might hurt some folks feelings. 

This said it is true that the president can not write laws and congress must send bills to him to be signed or vetoed, but maybe he could do more to get the moderates in each party to the table to move jobs bills through both chambers of  the capital.

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