"Monsanto protection bill"?

There has been much said in the debate over Monsanto and their GMO  foods. Recently, president Obama signed the agriculture appropriations including the "Monsanto protection Act" as many have called it protecting Monsanto from prosecution if it turns out their GMOs are harmful to humans or the food supply.

First off let's get the facts, HR 933 was a continuing resolution to prevent a government shut down. The bill included things like SNAP aka food stamp benefits ect.. If the government were to shut down this could have hampered troop pay and even effected Social Security payments. This is not for sure to have happened but could have been a side effect that would have hurt many people. So the bill had to be passed.

So someone (supposedly unknown) added an amendment to the bill. No one for sure knows who, but was added in the US house by a member of the GOP from current reports. The bill was passed through the US house and the Senate. Then signed by the president.

Being as it had to pass or face shutdown what else could could have been done? Sure Obama could have vetoed the whole bill. This would have potentially hurt millions of Americans and he chose to sign it. Now we all know all of our politicians are owned by the corporate elite all of them. Even our president.

This is a big mistake by our congress and president. The issue here is the fact that this could have a major impact on the future of our food supply and our bodies.

Every president has signed bills that others saw as bad or flawed. Even Bill Clinton signing NAFTA and the DOMA act. This will go down as one of the biggest blunders of the Obama administration.
No one can possibly support this law except for the nuts in Washington D.C.

But this is not only on the president this also falls to congress all democrats all republicans. They let this be added to a major bill that had to pass. The reason for this is not hard to find. According to

"The provision's success is viewed by many as a victory by companies like Syngenta Corp, Cargill, Monsanto and affiliated PACs that have donate $7.5 million to members of congress since 2009 and $372,000 to members of the Senate Appropriations Committee."

So as long as we do not have term limits and refuse to get money from Corporations, lobbyist and Unions out of our politics this will keep happening. This is why here at Fresh Political View I support firing congress in 2014. In 2014 let's vote out all incumbent congress persons. Democrats/republicans doesn't matter lets send them all packing.

This protection of Monsanto is bad policy and every American should be outraged.

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