What's really important to Americans?

This week a few things happened while most of America was glued to a murder trial they really had no stake in and many others were sucked into the right wing hysteria of the Benghazi hearings. If you fit in either of these categories here are some things that were a bit more important than either of these this past week.

First shortly after the hearing over Benghazi the U.S. House voted to kill overtime pay for hourly workers. The bill (HR1406) if signed by the president would give employers the choice of giving comp. time or time and a half. To hourly workers who work over 40 hours a week. This seems like a win for workers but there are issues. The bill takes away the guarantee of time and a half as there was no protection for workers guaranteeing workers choice between comp. time and overtime pay. Though there were attempts to and an amendment to the bill adding this protection but was shot down by the GOP. Good thing for workers the White House has promised a veto of the bill without protections for American workers.

The other is a story of 3 women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight held captive for 10 years  by their kidnapper in Cleveland, Ohio. The man had abducted and held them in his house. Where he repeatedly raped them for years and one of the girls had a child reportedly by their captor who when rescued this week was 6 years old. The women and child were all in relative good health. The man charged with the kidnapping and rape of these women may also face murder charges for beating the women to force miscarriages when he got them pregnant.

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