Jake's Take: Florida teen arrested for same-sex relations?

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A high school senior in Florida has been arrested and charged with felony lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12-16 years of age.

Kaitlyn Hunt of Sebastian, Florida was arrested on February 16, 2013 after the parents of the girl she was dating reported the alleged sexual relationship. Now her mother Kelley Hunt Smith is saying the parents of her daughter's girlfriend we simply mad about the same-sex relationship their daughter was engaged in.

The age of consent in the State of Florida is 18. The girl Hunt was dating was 14 at the time. Therefore, Hunt was in violation of state law. Her mother wants to act as if her daughter is being singled of because she was engaged in a same-sex relationship.

The fact of the matter is if this was an 18 year old male engaged in a sexual relationship with someone underage male or female this would never have made the news. He would have been arrested and charged just as Ms. Hunt was except with no fanfare and for sure no campaign to have his charges dropped.

Hunt's mother is basically saying it was just a sexual lesbian relationship so no harm no foul and has launched a petition to have all charges dropped. At the heart of this is the fact she broke the law and she got caught by the other kids parents whom did not approve and thus they reported it to the police as is their right. Hunt's mother keeps saying this was a consensual relationship, but under Florida law this is not possible. The age of consent in Florida is 18 and the minor in question was 14 and as such not legally able to consent to the sex acts alleged.

My opinion is that these laws do go too far and do ruin many young people's lives. Also, it puts the government in the role of sexual morality police instead of the parents. On the other hand the law is the law if you break it you can and most likely will be caught. Just because it is a same-sex relationship should not change the how the law is applied.

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