Obama directing the IRS?

As we continue to wade through some of the most recent "scandals" the most concerning to Americans is the IRS reportedly targeting conservative groups. It has been suggested that this is a sign of a government run amuck and out of control. Sen. Ted Cruz has even called for the abolishment of the IRS. Is this most recent "scandal" really a "scandal" or simply a story thrown out of proportion? Lets take a closer look at the facts before you make a decision on this "scandal."

A History lesson: 
Before the 1950's 501(c)4's were required to be exclusively to better the social welfare of a community or the nation. This was to prevent these organizations from using their tax free funds to influence elections.This was changed under President Ike from exclusively to primarily to promote social welfare. Thus, allowing these groups to use their funds to make political ads and donations to candidates without having to identify who it's donors were. Citizens United made this even worse by allowing these same groups to give unlimited funds to candidates.

The Facts:
Between 2010 and 2012 according to the IG report the IRS used inappropriate methods to scrutinize some filings for 504(c)4 status. These were mostly filings by conservative groups that used the names Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots or Patriots among others. These groups specifically were asked for information no other groups needed to supply. They were asked for things such as what kind of prayers said by the groups and all past and current donors among others. Also, many applications had been needlessly delayed, some up to three years due to a lack of assistance from the Exempt Organizations function Headquarters office. The IG report does say there was wrongdoing on the part of the IRS and suggested a number of things to correct these issues, but does not suggest anyone from outside the organization was involved. This has recently been confirmed by the man who was head of the IRS at the time and until late 2012, Douglas Shulman who happens to be a staunch conservative. He stated that the White House was in no way directing this activity. 

Based on on the facts to this point and the fact the US Representative Darrell Issa(R-Calif.) has been caught lying about the interviews held with Mr. Shulman, it would seem the folks who want to tie Mr. Obama to this are out of luck for the time being. At this point there appears no "scandal" except for the wrongdoing within the IRS. Now things can always change and if they do Fresh Political View will there to cover it. 

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