"Morally Broken"

Should we let disgraced politicians back into public office, whether it be adultery or some other political scandal? How do family value republicans in South Carolina let a man back into the party after he has made a joke of what they call "the sanctity of marriage" and violated the public trust. Will democrats support Anthony Weiner in his political return.

This seems to be an area that democrats and republicans fail to make any sense. In 1998 the GOP and its supporters went after Bill Clinton for an affair and the democrats took a "who cares who he is sleeping with" take on the subject.

It appears as of late the tables have turned now if a democrat is caught having an affair or even simply tweeting pictures of themselves in their "tighty whiteys" are cast out of the party such as Anthony Weiner and his twitter scandal a few years back. Now Mr. Weiner is running for Mayor of NYC. It is yet to been seen if voters welcome him back with open arms.

Meanwhile, GOP and evangelical voters seem to embrace their "morally broken" politicians. As with the recent resurgence of former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. Who took a trip to Argentina to carry on an affair with his South American lover on the taxpayers dime. . All the while lying to the folks in his state about why he missed work for so many days.

So I guess the question is where does one draw the line on what we expect our leaders to be as it pertains to their moral character?

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