Jake's Take: Conservatives the NSA and Hypocrisy

Jake's Take: Conservatives the NSA and Hypocrisy

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Foreword: This is in no way a defense of President Obama or an attack on President Bush.

Funny thing about conservatives they seem to feel things that were okay under the Bush administration, should now be considered impeachable offenses for the current administration. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party knows no bounds. In 2001 the Patriot Act was passed under the guise of national security. Anyone who did not support this law was cast out as a communist, a terrorist, un-American and told in no uncertain terms "Love It or Leave It."

Now the very conservatives who supported the patriot act and the warrant-less wiretapping etcetera of the Bush administration are calling for the impeachment of a President who was simply following the same policy as George W. Bush for the exact same reason. Both were following this policy to prevent terror attacks with every legal means at their disposal.  

The fact is after the 9/11 attacks we as Americans were too scared to care what civil liberties were being trampled in an effort to protect us from another terrorist attack. Now conservatives are calling it tyranny, oppression and corruption. 

The fact is Mr. Obama should have put an end this if he really was about change in Washington. In the end he did not and that is on him, but for for conservatives to come out to attack him for a policy they supported no more than 10 years ago and when it was renewed in 2010 is absolutely hypocritical and beyond belief.

I find it good to see Americans waking up and realizing this is no longer a valid solution to dealing with our fears of terrorism, but we need to direct the anger of the "NSA scandal" at the real problem the Patriot Act. If you feel this spying program is a violation of your Civil Rights, please call your congressional  representative and demand the repeal of the Patriot Act.

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