Monsanto, GMOs and World War III

Imagine a world where The United States and Russia were both at war with each other, and have sparked World War III. The death and destruction is catastrophic the world over. Then think about how it could have been avoided by our United States Government.

Take a moment and contemplate this very scenario, what comes to mind? The Syrian conflict or a fight over global oil supplies? Anything else come to mind?

The one issue that could easily led a third World War is not listed above. The culprit could and most likely will be an evil our own government supports without most Americans knowing the truth about it. This evil is known as Monsanto. 

Fresh Political View has reported on this evil in the past, but with recent events like the NSA scandal and The now escalating situation in Syria plastered on the mainstream media FPV feels this story is getting lost in the mix.

With the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act by the US Congress and President Obama, it is clear our government supports this evil Multinational Corporation. 

This is easily being done as many Americans do not know or care about the business of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs). These GMOs are not being made simply to strengthen these plants to survive in harsh climates. They are also being created so they can withstand Agent Orange or similar chemicals used for pesticides that are known to cause cancer in humans as well. Oh, did you think Monsanto was solely a seed company think again. Monsanto is a chemical company which sells herbicides and pesticides such as
Round-Up weed killer and also sells to farmers. Does that seem like a conflict of interest? Lets take a quick and see.

In one case Monsanto went into India to sell their seeds for this and that and reportedly said their pesticides and herbicides were perfectly safe for the environment and crops. That is where the possible conflict of interest comes into play. After the farmers used their seeds and chemicals from Monsanto they are now trapped using Monsanto seeds and no other seeds will survive the chemicals in the soil. So now you must be thinking "so" just use the seeds from Monsanto. It gets worse.

By doing this Monsanto is forcing farmers to buy their product, thus reducing the Genetic Variety of given plants we need for food to live. The smaller the genetic pool the more likely one bug or condition in the weather could cause worldwide famine. Then there is the quality of the produce after it grown.

Have you ever been in a store and thought "I'd really love some corn on the cob" but you look at the corn and it is all deformed? Much of that is caused by the changes made to the genetic makeup of the seeds. Okay so now you are back to "so" just don't buy it. Okay so for fresh corn that may be easy, then again not all GMO corn is deformed. Then there is canned corn and frozen corn, what about that? 

The cans and bags do not tell you if they are from GMOs. Lets not forget everything made with corn. Corn Syrup, corn meal. Corn starch. GMO corn is in everything folks. Corn chips, corn tortillas the list goes for miles yet folks do not think twice. There are many other GMO foods out there that also have no label as the law does not require one. 

Studies have shown links to increased cancer risk. Caused the Monsanto's herbicides and pesticides as these chemicals seep into our produce as it sucks up nutrients from the soil. Not to mention the run off of these chemicals get into our drinking water and overall environment. Most of Europe has banned Monsanto as recent test show Monsanto chemicals in the urine of many Europeans.These deadly pollutants wreak havoc on our ecosystems as well. This takes us back to the connection of Monsanto and World War III.

Honey bee

At issue is this the chemicals contained in the pesticides and herbicides are causing worldwide bee die offs. Fewer bees is not good for farmers as without them plants do not get pollinated thus lowering yields and this could even in the long run kill so many bees that plants could start to die worldwide.

"Honey bees play a large role in the nation’s agricultural industry. An estimated one-third of all food and beverages are made possible by pollination, mainly be honey bees, according to the USDA. In the U.S., pollination contributes to crop production worth $20 to $30 billion in agricultural production annually." -Minnesota farm Guide

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been very vocal as of late about the US government's involvement with Monsanto. Goes as far as to reportedly say, according to Russia Today, if the US keeps down its current path it will inevitably lead to a Third World War. Now could Russia use the Syrian conflict to its advantage and use it to justify war sure, But their leader has made it clear that our governments support of Monsanto will lead to war. 

When the government is leaking scandal after scandal keep your eyes open as they most likely are playing a ball under the cup game so you do not see what is really going on. Here at FPV we will keeping covering this as the Mainstream Media seems to refuse to cover it. So stay connected with FPV via our Facebook page or our twitter @FPVblog. 


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