Jake's Take: Sochi Olympics

By: Jacob M. Keck
With the up coming Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I figured I'd give my two cents on the event. Many issues can be raised about having the Olympics in Russia and in Sochi in particular, from the significant terror threat to the recent anti-gay laws as well as state supported physical attacks on gays. So lets look at these two major issues and why I could not care less about this years Olympics in Sochi.

First, lets take a look at the safety issues of the event. Just last month a group of Chechen rebels sent two suicide bombers that killed at least 31 Russians in response to the Olympic Games being held in, as they see them, their ancestral lands. Also, the Chechen rebels take exception to Russia turning this area into a tourist destination. This has lead to the promise of terror attacks on the games and the millions expected to visit in the coming weeks. 

The terror threat doesn't look to deter athletes or spectators, even as there have been reports of weapons caches found in and around the Olympic Village area. Also, the Russian authorities are looking for so called "Black Widow" bombers ,who according to the rebels have been sent as a gift for visitors. If any of these bombers were to set off a device the result could and likely would be catastrophic. The argument could be made to not go to these Olympics out of fear of these terrorist, but in my view this lets the terrorist win, so do not let these killers be what deters you from the Sochi Olympics.  
The other issue is the recent law created in Moscow that attempts to marginalize people simply based on their sexual orientation. The law known by many as the "Anti-Gay Propaganda law" is one of the most archaic laws ever made. Not only does the State ban medical professionals, such as psychologists, from providing physical and mental care to gay people. It bans police and others from helping a gay person if they are being attacked or even in the event it could lead to their death. 

Under international pressure Vladimir Putin has said that gay people can feel safe in Sochi as long as "they leave the kids alone", as this law is to "protect" the kids. Many things like this were passed to attack and marginalize Jews in the lead up of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Hitler made it clear he only wanted whites at his Olympic Games and that Jews along other non-white races should be banned, until he caved to international pressure. 

The fact they say this law is to "protect" the kids is just as asinine as the draconian law itself. By saying the law is to "protect" kids is simply saying if you are gay you are a pedophile. This line of thinking is so outdated and wrong that it makes me sick. 

Pedophiles are the lowest scum because the prey on children and they should be held accountable for crimes against our children. 
Just because you are attracted to adults of the same sex, does not mean you want to shag kids. Pedophiles on the other hand are attracted to prepubescent youth, not the adults that most people are no matter their sexual orientation. There are just as many if not more hetero-sexual pedophiles as gay pedophiles, so their entire argument is moot. This is the issue that should give people pause before going to or supporting the Sochi Olympic Games. 

It would appear the Russian government has found themselves a scapegoat for all that ails Russian society and unfortunately they have made gays the target of their hate and bigotry. This is something the international community should not and cannot just sit and watch happen. If we say this is okay now, what can we say if gays start being sent to death camps just because of who they love? 

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