West Virginia Chemical Spill

Over 300 thousand Americans have been without usable tap water since last Thursday. It is not due to a lack of water or failed water system, but rather due to human negligence. The water has been poisoned by an unknown amount of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol used by the coal industry for coal washing. A report from says at least 70 people have visited local hospitals. This should never happen in this day and age.

The spill happened at a facility in Charleston West Virginia owned by Freedom Industries. The question remains how a chemical company was allowed to set-up shop so close to such a vulnerable and vital water way. Latest reports say it was only a mile away from a major source or water and water plant. This question has not and may not be answered for some time. This spill highlights the need for more regulation on dangerous chemicals and how they are stored. Check back here at 

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