American Owned and Staffed!!!

A recent story from Fairview Texas via. of of Dallas Texas pitted locals verses a local Nail Salon in Fairview.

Without going into to many nit picking details the story goes like this. The nail salon owner placed a sign in her window that states "American Operated, American Staffed. Some local Asian business owners as well as a local man who has adopted his kids from Asia are feel offended or singled out.

According to WFAA 8 of Dallas the offended parent has offered to buy a new sign that is less offensive. The nail salon owner has said no because to her it is not offensive. She said she just wanted folks to know her business was American run. So a stalemate is the result.

The story from

The FPV take:
First, people need to stop being so easily offended by every little thing they see or hear. Second, as long as she isn't discriminating by using race as a factor in hiring who really cares.This owner makes it clear if you are not an American citizen you need not apply for a job at her shop. Last, this is what we need more of,business owners who refuse to hire illegals.

So we should applaud this small business owner for hiring Americans over folks here illegally.

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