Bombing in Boston

As we all know there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday. In the attack 3 were killed including an 8year old boy. When these events take place we as a nation always pull together and this time will be no different.

This blog refuses to get wrapped up in the ever changing story of this tragic event. We will post a well rounded piece on the Boston attack when more of the facts are nailed down in order to bring you the best information.

What we will talk about here and now are two things that both sicken many and irritate rational people no matter your political leanings. One is the Westboro baptist church the other is Alex Jones.

First, The Westboro Baptist Church has decided they will protest the funerals of the victims, Including the innocent 8 year old child. Claiming God killed the because of gay rights. These folks are the lowest form of scum the earth has to offer. They do have a right to free speech sure, but they could simply learn some respect for others who are grieving the death of a loved ones. F.P.V. fears one of these days their hate speech will spark bloodshed and their children or other innocent bystanders will be caught in the middle. Their kids know no better as they have only been taught to hate and do not deserve to be caught in the middle of violence.

Now for Alex Jones. This man and his "reporters" are simply lame. Right after the bombing they jumped right to the conclusion that this had to be some "false flag" attack perpetrated by the federal government. (No evidence supports this by the way.) This is a very tired line Alex Jones uses every time tragic things happen in this Nation. His wild conspiracy claims are almost always unfounded. The fact he makes all his money solely on a small part of the populations fears is sick. All this kind of talk does if fan the flames of hate and fear. By spreading his lies across the Internet via His YouTube account and websites.

It could be weeks, months or even years before we track these cowards down. So until then all we can do is carry on like we do and not let these cowards interfere one bit in how we live our everyday life.

In the end, we must refrain from making snap judgements on this tragedy. Lets get all the facts then make an informed decision based on that. Not rush to judgement on any one group of people or religious group.

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