Major explosion in West, Texas

Yesterday evening around 8pm a major explosion ripped through a fertilizer plant in the small town of West, Texas.

According to news reports from WFAA in Dallas, Texas up to 4 blocks of the town have been damaged or destroyed.Reports at last check put the injured at 200 or more and early reports of 60-70 dead. Neither had been confirmed. According to Waco PD they had only confirmed 15 deaths from the blast.

The fertilizer plan had some how caught on fire and led to the explosion. It cased more fire as the embers blew into the sky.

At one point reports said the entire town was being evacuated out of fear of another possible tank explosion.

We will update as we get more news.
8:45 am: Waco PD spokesman says the deaths are 5-15 but can not confirm the number as of yet.

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