The heroes of Boston and West

(via First responders rescue little boy in aftermath of Boston bombings

It is the end of a very rough week here in our United States. The events of this week between the Boston bombing that killed 3 and left many many more horribly injured. As well as the devastating explosion that leveled a large part of the small town of West, Texas that killed 14 people and injured a large number of folks.

This has been a tough week, but as we Americans always do we'll pull together and get through these tragedies as a family. This is just what we do.

Let's not focus on the bad, let's shift our sights to the heroes of Boston and West. The first responders to both of these events. People of all kinds civilians, EMTs, military and police. Some of these folks gave their lives to help their fellow Americans. When the chips were down these folks ran in simply to save lives.

In Boston spectators and runners alike jumped in to rescue people. In West, Texas volunteer firefighters rushed to a fire and then the explosion hurt and killed some of these Heroes. Even as they saw their fellow firefighters go down the rush in to help.

In both events we saw the true spirit of America. The spirit that we must help our fellow Americans even if it means putting our own well being in jeopardy. These folks are real heros. 


Everyone of them should be proud to know their actions saved many lives. Personally I would like to thank all the people who jumped in to help save everyone they could in the face of such horrific events. They should be commended.

In the coming days, weeks and months keep the victims of these tragedies in your thoughts and prayers.

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