Texas vs. Medicaid Expansion

Many high profile Texas politicians including Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have been adamantly against this program from the Federal Government.

Many other states run by republicans and democrats a like have signed up for the expansion of Medicaid most notably Arizona and New Jersey.

Texas along with most of the south has been refusing to sign on. The issue in Texas is that state lawmakers are not seeing it the same way as the governor and the representatives in congress. Many state legislators would like to sign on.This may be due to many of their constituents supporting the expansion as well. Even a large number of Doctors and hospitals in the state support this move. So this may be pushing the folks on the state level, minus Rick Perry, to support this expansion.

Also, many in the Texas health care industry say that the Medicaid expansion will create some 200k jobs if signed on to. The job creation seems to be creating the biggest buzz among Texans on bot sides of the aisle

The FPV take:
No matter the side you are on with the affordable care act we must live with it as the Supreme Court says it the law of the land but the states can opt out of the Medicaid expansion.

Here at FPV the thought is your tax money is going to fund this new expansion so as a Texans who send more to DC than you get back, shouldn't the state reap those same benefits that states like New Jersey?

Plus, you add the thought of 200,000 jobs added to the Texas economy why would you not support the expansion of Texas Medicaid.

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