"We got him!"

                       "We got him!" 

This was the headline out of Boston last night. This headline brought a sense of relief to residents of Boston and everyone across the U.S..

The speculation has now moved on to the why and who else may have been involved if any. To this point the authorities seem confident that these two acted alone. Of course this is still an ongoing investigation if things change we will update this post.

We must not jump to any speculation we here from the mainstream media. Nor should we jump to a conclusion of why they did this until all facts have come out.

Here at FPV blog we are not going to get into all the Alex Jones type conspiracy theories. We are trying to find all facts we can before posting anything on the bombing.

There has been much misinformation from the news on this subject, mostly caused by CNNs John King not vetting his sources before calling his info. as fact. So we will not join in this kind of speculation.

So as it stands one suspect 26, dead. The other 19, is in custody and in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries in the shootout that killed his brother. Also, the Feds have said they were not going to Mirandized the suspect when or if they caught him opting for invoking the public safety exception. 

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